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Root Pouch Fabric Plant Pots can be used for any type of size of plant. The larger fabric plant pots are designed with handles which makes them ideal for transporting plants. They are also extremely durable and lightweight. Whether you are growing trees or potted plants, they will produce healthy growth either above or underground. A Root Pouch Fabric Plant Pot self-degrades to allow the plants roots to grow comfortably in the natural environment. Root Pouch pots may be used in a variety of different soil and climate conditions including clay and desert sand.

Root Pouch Fabric Pots are designed from reclaimed plastic bottles. Not only does this make for a good environment for plants, but it saves the bottles from being sent to landfills and prevents the production of new plastic materials, which then cuts back on the use of fossil fuels and petroleum. So not only are they are beneficial for plant growth, but they are good for the environment as well.

As they are designed from polyethylene  (PETE, or the plastic from the bottles),they will disintegrate slowly over time. This plastic is spun into fibres from recycled cotton fibres as well. There are four versions and the disintegration process varies from six months to six years. Root Pouch Fabric Pots allow for a denser root structure as they are allow for more airflow and are water efficient. This provides superior protection and insulation for your plants against both the hot heat of the summer and the bitter cold of the winter.

Benefits of Root Pouch Fabric Pots

  • 3-4 year lifespan
  • Cuts vegetative growth cycle by at least a week
  • The roots are able to breathe due to the fabric structure
  • Plants are protected year round from the elements
  • Roots are prevented from circling
  • 5 Gallons and up pots are equipped with handles for easy transport
  • Able to be used with overheads, hydroponic food trays and drip systems
  • Allow plants to be placed outside earlier than usual
  • Washable
  • Last for many seasons

Root Pouch Fabric Pots enable you to fully harness the perks of air-pruning the roots of your plants as they will allow for secondary roots to branch out from your growth. They supply better water and nutrient uptake; have a faster growth cycle due to the air flow around both in and around the roots and help boost the overall root mass.

Directions for use: Root Pouch Fabric pots may be used in all types of growth environments and are used similarly, and as a highly superior alternative to, terracotta, ceramic or plastic pots as they can be used in the propagation stage. Follow the directions per your individual plant optimal growth during all cycles of plant growth. 

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Root Pouch Fabric Plant Pots

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