Sticky Tape

We stock a range of sticky tapes for using around your hydroponic grow-room. There's clear tape and brown tape for securing packaging, and there's duct tapes for the tougher jobs like securing floor sheeting or effecting temporary repairs to any number of things!

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Duct & Aluminium Tape

Aluminium Silver Tape:50m rolls of aluminium silver tape 50mm wide. Incredibly sticky aluminium tape..


Orca Grow Film Reflective Sheeting

ORCA Grow Film Reflective Sheeting provides the following unique advantages over traditional reflect..


Silver Foil Scrim Weave Tape 72mm x 45m

Silver Foil Scrim Weave Tape 72mm x 45mSilver Foil Scrim Weave Tape gives the grower an easy and eco..