We offer a long line of quality air and ventilation fans, extractors and ducting fans. Use the powerful Tornado Acoustic Box Fans for the proper ventilation of your grow room. They provide quiet, but extremely powerful ventilation with numerous spigot sizes from 6 to 12 inches. They also have multiple extraction holes to hook up to filters for a do it all in one fan. We also carry Systemair RVk Silo Fans for proper intake and output of clean air and removal of stall smelly air for great air circulation. If you desire an extractor for removal of old stale air then our quiet ISO Max Extractor fan or Vents TT Extractor fans will do the trick. We also offer Ram Air Circulation Floor Fan, Advanced Star 8 inch Clip Fan, Growth Technology 6” clip on fan, Ram 16 inch Pedestal fans and 16 inch wall mounted fan   
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Advanced Star Eco Duct Fan

Advanced Star Inline Eco Duct Fan Advanced Star Eco Duct Fan is carefully designed to enhance a..


Garden Highpro 10" Oscillating ProFan New

Garden Highpro 10" Oscillating ProFan

Garden Highpro 10" Oscillating ProFanThe New Garden Highpro 10" Oscillating ProFan offers you super ..


Garden Highpro TT Extraction Fan

Garden HighPro TT Extraction Fan The new HighPro TT  ProFan is simple to use. Each fan is ..


Growth Technology 6 Inch Clip On Fan

6 Inch Clip On Fan The 6-Inch Clip-on Fan is a great little product that’s ideal for keeping th..


Highlight 16 Inch Wall Fan

Highlight 16 Inch Wall Fan The Highlight 16 Inch Wall Fan is a cost effective fan for the Grow ..


Iso Max Extractor Fan

ISO Max Extractor Fan Iso-Max Fans utilise the low energy and high performance motor of the Ruc..


Ram 16 Inch Pedestal Fan

When using circulation fans always make sure they are not too close to your plants, the effect youre..


Ram Air Circulation Floor Fan

RAM Air Circulation Floor Fans are for creating a breeze in your grow room to help circulate air, st..


Secret Jardin Monkey Tent Fan

Secret Jardin Monkey Tent Fan The Monkey Fan from Secret Jardin is an air circulation fan featu..


Secret Jardin Oscillating Monkey Tent Fan

Secret Jardin Oscillating Tent FanThe Secret Jardin Oscillating Monkey tent fan is a very convenient..


Systemair Revolution Silenced Vector EC Fans

Systemair Revolution Silenced Vector EC FanThe Revolution silenced fan is the ultimate in silenced f..


Systemair RVK Sileo Fans

Systemair RVK Sileo FansThe Systemair RVK Sileo Fan series is an in-duct fan system for the removal ..


Tornado Acoustic Box Fans

Tornado Fans range from 1000 M3 to 4250 M3. These box fans are a must have for large scale growing o..


Vents TT Extractor fan

Features:Vents TT fans are available in:100 mm Diameter125 mm Diameter150 mm Diameter200 mm Dia..