Hydrotops Additives

Hydrotops Additives

HYDRoToPs is proud to have introduced many ground breaking ideas and concepts to the hydroponic world. One such example is our legendary Triple F (Fully Formed Flowers). Introduced to the world in 2002 it was the first fruit and flower enhancer to increase yields by up to 40% whilst remaining 100% organic. Triple F continues to prove itself time after time as the finest natural flowering enhancer available to date. Its introduction to the market over 10 years ago prompted a number of flower boosting products to emerge from other manufacturers. Sadly many of these products have evolved from using plant growth regulator (PGR) chemicals to achieve their results. Whilst many of these products are successful at producing additional flowers and increasing yields, we believe nature offers the best solution every time.

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HydroTops Bactivator

HydroTops BactivatorHydrotops Bactivator comes as two components. The first component comes in a tab..


HydroTops Floral Boost Coco/Hydro

HydroTops Floral Boost Coco/HydroHydroTops Floral Boost contains no PGRs, concentrating instead on o..


Hydrotops Flower Feed

During the first few weeks of the flowering cycle your plants' nutritional requirements increase and..


HydroTops Flush

HydroTops Flush HydroTops Flush is one product many growers cannot do without, as it acts much ..


Hydrotops Leaf Feed

During the vegetative growth cycle, when a plant's roots are running at their maximum capacity, the ..


HydroTops Root Stimulator

HydroTops Root StimulatorHydroTops Root Stimulator combines various bio-enhancers, such as hormones,..


HydroTops Soil Solo Boost

HydroTops Soil Solo BoostBy adding HydroTops Solo Boost to your nutrient feeding regime, you'll..


HydroTops Top Heavy Crop

HydroTops Top Heavy CropHydroTops Top Heavy Crop comes in two parts. The first part is in a tablet f..


HydroTops Triple F

HydroTops Triple FHydroTops Triple F utilises two components to trigger an explosive flowering respo..