General Hydroponics Nutrients

General Hydroponics Nutrients

General Hydroponics also known as GHE is relying on long-lasting tradition and expertise in the domain of nutrient development to provide scientifically tested, high performance nutrients. Their mineral-based products are used world-wide and constantly developed to follow contemporary plant growth trends. General Hydroponics Nutrients promote strong root growth, structural and foliar growth, and provide micronutrients and pH buffers necessary for solution stabilization.

Our exclusive offer currently includes three top rated products that represent everything your plants need for healthy growing. These are: GHE Flora Bloom, GHE Flora Gro, and GHE Flora Micro. They are designed to be used together in order to make a complete nutrient. You can adjust the ratios of each product in the mixture to get a perfectly tailored nutrient for each growing stage.

Note: Make sure you follow carefully the dosing instructions indicated in each product description. It is recommended to replace the nutrient solution every 7 days.

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GHE Flora Bloom

The GHE 3-part, mineral-based nutrient system was introduced many years ago and is still in use toda..


GHE Flora Micro

GHE Flora Micro The General Hydroponics 3-part, mineral-based nutrient system was introduced ma..