Growing In Soil

When you desire to grow all of your plants in soil, we have outstanding soil grow medium to help you with your indoor gardening needs. With Canna Terra Professional plus and BioBizz All Mix soil you get rich and robust fertilized soil mixture that is also a great aerator and have powerful anti-microbial properties to help build strong root structures and robust plant life. Use GuanoKalong Bat Guano for super fertilization of your indoor plants along with Canna Terra Vega and Canna Terra Flores for powerful uptake of nutrients for stronger roots and shoots along with more robust and flavourful crops that are larger and denser. Use any one of our several different nutrients for either gardens or pots for all your indoor soil growing needs. We offer sever different soil pots, trays and even water storage options like the durable Flexi Tanks and even Root Pouch fabric plant pots for all of your growing needs.