Pest Control

Have a soil or hydroponic garden that is in need of some pest control from those pesky, nasty, plant sucking bugs? If so, you are not alone as is the commonality among home gardeners and the need for pesticides. If you have spider mites try using dr schimmel terminator white flies, fungus gnats or thrips then you could use some Pyrethrum 5EC. Pyrethrum 5EC goes to work immediately removing all different plant harming pests before infestation occurs. It is 100% kids and pet friendly and you can harvest your crops within 24 hours after spraying your plants. If fungus gnats are your real pain then try Growstone’s Gnat Nix which is used as a top dresser on your substrate by deterring adult larvae from hatching and preventing females from laying eggs in the growing medium. Most plant pests suck on the juices of the plants and food crops causing severe diseases and illness. They can wreak havoc on indoor and outdoor gardens and tend to thrive in more moist and wet climates. 

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2 Litre Aqua King Compression Sprayer

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Active Eye Illuminated Magnifier 30x

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Canadian Xpress TANLIN (NILNAT)

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Cannacure is a product that has it all. Environmentally friendly, this product eliminates pests and ..


Guard N Aid For Thrips

Guard N Aid For Thrips 250mlGuard N Aid For Thrips is perfect for edible and non-edible crops a cont..


Guard n Aid Pest Off 250ml

Guard n Aid Pest OffA broad spectrum Pyrethrum-based contact insecticide for the control of many suc..


Guard n Aid Pest OFF Fumer Smoke Bomb

Guard n Aid Pest OFF Fumer Smoke BombPermethrin based smoke generators for use in controlling crawli..


Guard n Aid Spider Mite 250ml Concentrate

Guard n Aid Spider Mite 250ml Concentrate A brilliantly effective contact insecticide for use a..


Guard n Aid Sticky Insect Catcher

Guard n Aid Sticky Insect CatcherA pack of 5 traditional sticky insect catchers.Guard n Aid Sticky I..


Hotbox Sulfume Sulphur Vaporiser

Hotbox Sulfume Sulphur VaporiserThe Hotbox Sulfume Sulphur Vaporiser heats sulphur via a thermostati..



Get rid of your fungus gnat infestation with LAVA-LITE NO-GNATS. NO-GNATS offers a simple, 100% natu..


Lockdown Pads Sticky Insect Catcher

Lockdown Pads Sticky Insect CatcherLockdown Pads Sticky Fly Traps, a water resistant, yellow sticky ..


Phonescope 30x Magnifier

Phonescope 30x MagnifierPhonescope 30x magnifier allows you to Use your mobile to take amazing magni..


Plug and Grow Trigger Sprayer Bottle 1L

Plug and Grow Trigger Sprayer Bottle is ideal for applying pest products to the plant. It has been d..


Powdered Sulphur 2kg For Hotbox Sulfume

Powdered Sulphur 2kg For Hotbox SulfumePowdered Sulphur is for use with the the Hotbox Sulfume Sulph..


SB Plant Invigorator 500ml

SB Plant Invigorator 500mlSB Plant Invigorator 500ml is a unique product, which combines the benefit..


SMC Spider Mite Control - 750ml

 It works by a physical means blocking the breathing holes of the red mites and insects, causin..


SMC Spider Mite Control 100ml

SMC Spider Mite Control 100ml SMC Spider Mite Control 100ml kills spider mites and their eggs w..