Growth Technology Ionic Nutrients

Growth Technology Ionic Nutrients

Growth Technology Ionic Nutrients cover the entire range of plant growth from propagation to production of fruit or blooms. At the start or the process, grafts and cuttings can be rapidly and effectively propagated by the use of Clonex, a gel hormone medium specifically crafted to cling to the base of a cutting promoting root growth, or Clonex Mist designed to stimulate growth of grafted material. Adding Formulex to the mixture for filling plugs or cubes is an ideal way of introducing fertilizer before the seedlings are planted. 

Growth Technology’s Ionic ranges of nutrients are a single part, easy to mix nutrient solution designed for specific growth media. As their name implies the Ionic CoCo Grow and Bloom are designed for use in coco coir, Ionic Soil Grow and Bloom are designed for use in the earth, and Ionic Hydro Soft Water Grow and Bloom are specifically designed for hydroponic environments. To provide an additional boost at the flowering or fruiting stage when additional phosphorous and potassium are required, Ionic PK Boost will provide these additional nutrients. For additional protection, round off this top flight range of products by using Nitrozyme to bump up your crop yield whilst protecting against disease and stress in your plants. Growth Technology nutrient mixes are a simple to use answer to plant propagation, nutrition and protection.

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Clonex Mist

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Clonex Rooting Gel 50ml

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Green Haze Bloom A&B

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Ionic Coco Bloom

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Ionic Coco Grow

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Ionic Hydro Bloom Soft Water

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Ionic Hydro Grow Soft Water

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Ionic PK Boost

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Ionic Soil Bloom

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Ionic Soil Grow

Ionic Soil Grow Ionic Soil Grow is an easy to use all in one solution perfect for most beginner..



growth hormones and essential micro nutrients that have been manufactured with the integrity of the ..