Odour Control

Grow room odours are something that need to be dealt with reliably. A quality carbon filter extraction kit (with a Rhino or CarboAir filter) goes a long way to solving the problem. We stock lots of products to help deal with any residual smells. Among them, ONA Gels & ONA Liquids are becoming famous for their superb odour control. ONA-Air Products provide that extra peace of mind that every hydroponic grower wants. On top of that, we stock ozone generators, aerosols & Synergy Neutralisers. Whatever type of smell removal you are looking for, we stock the best. Don't leave it to chance, get something to wipe-out those growing smells, leaving a pleasant fragrance in their place.

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Bubblegum Boom Air Freshener 750ml

Bubblegum Boom Air Freshener 750mlBubblegum Boom from O.N.A is the perfect odour neutraliser for thi..



OCD DEO MAX Gel OCD DEO-MAX Gel is a unique formula, scientifically tested and proven, professi..


ONA Breeze Fan

ONA Breeze FanThe ONA Breeze Fan Unit fits straight onto the top of ONA 4 litre gel tub or ONA 1 Lit..


ONA Odour Neutralising Gel 

ONA Odour Neutralising GelONA Odour Neutralising Gel is essentially a polymer gel that contains a un..


ONA Odour Neutralizing Blocks

ONA Odour Neutralizing BlocksONA Odour Neutralizing Blocks are the solid wax blocks, designed to eff..


SureAir Odour Neutralizing Gel

Sureair Odour Neutralizing Gel is a complex formula utilizing essential oils to neutralize a large a..