Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients plant nutrients carry the Connoisseur and Sensi names. The Advanced Connoisseur Ultra Premium product is designed purely to support and enhance the blooming phase of plant growth and is not suitable during the veg stages of growth. It is a pure hydroponic nutrient and is not suitable for soil  planting. The Sensi range of two part fertilizers are designed to support both the veg and bloom stages of plant growth and there are two distinct ranges, one for hydroponic use and one that supports plants in the COCO growing environment. The Sensi  Grow and Sensi Bloom  products are two part fertilizers that are scientifically researched to ensure the most perfect PH balanced, nutrient rich hydroponic growing medium available today. The Sensi Grow CoCo and Sensi Bloom CoCo products are two part fertilizers that are designed specifically to support growth and fruit or bloom production in the coir growing environments. The fertilizers, in addition to their perfect Ph balance, have increased amounts of calcium and magnesium added to compensate for the uptake of these minerals by the coir, there is a reduced quantity of potassium to compensate for the potassium released by the coir as it degrades and a surfactant is added to the product.  

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