Complete Propagation Kits

Herbology might not be a subject that you want in the real world, but growing them is surely an art. With our new age propagation kitsyou can start off and grow all kinds of plants and herbs in no time.

From giving your plant a base to grow without weed and other unwanted parasites, it is time to pick out new age propagation kits which have eco-friendly mediums such as Rockwool, propagators, and others.

With products such as natural rooting sponge, or scalpels, you can now access organic barks and materials which will help your plant grow faster than the usual. Be it a proper cubical layout or a generic reflective inert and hydroponic tray, it is no longer going to be a challenge, trying to get that seed to sprout. With multiple options available at your disposal, you surely would be spoilt for choices.

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Cuttings And Seeds Propagation Tent Kit

Cuttings And Seeds Propagation Tent Kit Begin up to 77 seeds or cuttings with our top of the l..


Disposable scalpel

Disposable scalpelA disposable scalpel is an essential tool in the armoury of a gardener. Using a Di..


Large Cuttings And Seeds Propagation Kits

Large Cuttings And Seeds Propagation Kit The large propagation kit is equipped with everything..


ROOTIT Budget Propagation Kit

ROOTIT Budget Propagation KitThis ROOTIT Budget Propagation Kit comes with everything you need to ge..


ROOTIT Propagation Kit

ROOTIT Propagation Kit The ROOTIT Propagation Kit comes complete with a medium size propagator,..


Small Cuttings And Seeds Propagation Kit

Small Cuttings And Seeds Propagation Kit The small propagation kit is designed to include all ..