About us

Grow World, while starting from humble beginnings back in 2010, has grown tenfold and now plan to open a second store in the Birmingham area.  Our first store is bursting with popularity and it has now come to the point where we need to spread our wings.  We are very excited to bring our second store to the area of Birmingham.

With our passion for all that is Hydroponics we are constantly looking for ways to bring the best of the best products to our loyal customers. From complete grow kits to hydroponic nutrients and all the additives and equipment that goes along with it, we are able to provide you with high quality from start to finish. This is the reason that we only work with the best suppliers of Hydroponic products. 

Often times, when deciding to start a veggie or herb garden, we delve in with both hands, literally, and give it our all, only to be disappointed when either the plants don’t grow or they die very quickly. A common mistake, many make, is to overfeed, underfeed and even over water our plants.  Hydroponics ensures the plant gets exactly the right amount of water and nutrients, in a simple and manageable way. 

To be pointed in the right direction, as well as have your hand held along the way, all you have to do is ask us at Grow World. We are your one-stop-shop for all things Hydroponics. 

Mission Statement

From the word go our mission was to be able to be the one-stop-shop for all newbies and loyal lovers of the Hydroponic way of growing plants. While there are many on the market, who boast to do the same, but we live by our mission. Not only do we source and supply the best quality Hydro products but we talk the talk too. 

With the shortage of water and the quality of soil questionable at the best of times, the Hydroponics culture has taken a front seat.  Yes, you can buy all our products online which is the simpler and more cost effective way to go nowadays, but there are times when you just want to have that personal one-on-one with an expert. Well, that is Grow World and that is what we aim to do for all our customers and those who we know will eventually be our customers, provide excellent advice and superb service. 


Vision Statement

Taking much from our Mission Statement, we built our future vision around the same concept, to be the best and the only option when it came to Hydroponics.   

The world of Hydroponics can seem like a daunting and complication one, but we plan to change that.  Our vision is to see 8 out of every 10 households in the UK, utilising some form of Hydroponics in their lives.  When it comes to space, we know that the Brits don’t have a lot of that, so having a Hydroponics system to grow your own fruit and vegetables, is a perfect solution. We want to provide the simplest and easiest method possible so that anyone can believe they can run a Hydro system in their home.