Plagron Additives

Plagron Additives

Plagron additives have been carefully developed by a team of scientists in order to provide the top quality additive products for indoor growing. These products are a perfect choice of additives for all growth phases including flowering. The sophisticated and enhanced composition of Plagron Additives provides all necessary nutrients for your plants. They are particularly designed to optimally stimulate and accelerate the growth of every individual plant and its full prosperity.You can choose between four Plagron Additives on Grow World, including product that directly targets plant root. Products come in three sizes, 250ml, 500ml, and 1 Litre to best fit your needs.


Key Benefits

·         Suitable for all types of watering systems
·         Promote growth and increase plant vitality
·         Offer multiple sizes and organic options

 Whether you want to give a boost to plants’ roots or you wish to stimulate the soil life with pure enzymes, Plagron Additives have a perfect solution for you.

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Plagron Green Sensation

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Plagron Power Roots

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Plagron Pure Zym

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