To achieve optimal growing environment and crop yield, gardeners are increasingly using reflectors for their indoors growth spaces. Reflectors are designed to redirect excess light, therefore reduce heat, in your growth space. This results in significant energy and money savings as well as in maximised growth area. Reflectors offered come in different shapes and sizes in order to best match your needs and growth space specifications. If you are looking for a value-for-money product, then Standard Euro Reflector is a perfect choice for you. However, Powerplant Mantis Reflector and Adjust-a-Wing Reflector feature adjustable wings if you are looking to have more control over the position of your reflector. For more advanced light distribution and heat control solutions, you might want to look into Gavita TripleStar 600 EU or Cool Tube Reflector. No matter which one you choose, reflector will bring additional benefits to your growth space.

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Adjust-A-Wing Reflector

Adjust-A-Wing EnforcerThe Enforcer is a low cost and durable reflector wing with an 86% reflective a..


Lumii 400v Double Ended Wing Reflector

Lumii 400v Double Ended Wing Reflector Designed for use with the LUMii 400 V 1000W DE lamp and ..


Powerplant 150mm Aerowing Reflector

Powerplant 150mm Aerowing ReflectorControl temperature and maximise the power of your grow lighting ..


Powerplant Mantis Reflector

Powerplant Mantis ReflectorThe Powerplant Mantis Reflector is an upgrade from standard euro reflecto..


Standard Euro Reflector

Standard Euro ReflectorThe Standard Euro Reflector is a value-for-money reflector for first-time gro..


Sun King Silver Parabolic Reflectors

Sun King Silver Parabolic ReflectorsA Vertical Parabolic Reflector with silver hammertone leaves ava..