Propagation Cubes

Propagation cubes are an absolutely necessary piece of equipment if you wish to grow strong and healthy plants. Your choice of propagation product will define how good the roots of your plants are going to be, thus the entire plant in later growth stages. Propagation cubes offered by Grow World are carefully designed to optimally support a strong root growth and easier transplanting. Each product tends to provide the ideal air/water ratio for prosperous and rapid plant growth. Our offer includes propagation cubes made out of different materials, such as organic composites or neoprene, to best fit your needs and desires.

Grow World currently offers five top rate propagation cubes: Grodan SBS Rockwool Cubes, Jiffy 7 Peat Plugs, Neoprene clone collars, Rockwool 24 Cell Tray, and Root Riot Propagation Cubes. We are confident that one of these products will be a perfect match to the specific needs of your growing environment. 

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Jiffy 7 Peat Plugs

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Root Riot Propagation Cubes

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