Propagators represent the best option to growing your plants, especially targeting early growth stages. Each propagator system is carefully designed by teams of experts to allow for the optimal conditions for plant growth. Moreover, operating these systems has been quite simplified, so you do not have to be an expert to use them. Every propagator aims to provide the right amount of light, protection and heat to your plants. You can rest assured that your plants will have a full support throughout the entire growing process.


Main Advantages

·         Easy to operate
·         Provide optimal conditions for healthy plant growth
·         Long-lasting durability
·         Great value for money

Our offer currently includes three top quality propagators. These are Aeroponic X–Stream Propagator, Rootit Propagator and Stewart Propagators (come in two sizes). Choose the most suitable propagator today and start successfully growing plants!

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Aeroponics X - Stream Propagator

Aeroponics X - Stream Propagator Prepare cuttings in as little as 8 – 12 days with the Aeropon..


Rootit Propagator

The ROOTIT large propagator lid has two vents for humidity control and the whole lid can be used on ..


Stewart Propagators

Stewart PropagatorsStewart propagators will simplify raising your own plants and give you a small, ..