Flood & Drain Systems

It is of paramount importance to have flood and drain system installed in your indoor growing space to be able to complete a growing cycle. These products are optimally designed to maximize the space available for growth. With flood and drain system you will not have to use a single inch of your space, thus maximizing the output. With different techniques offered, you can explore many possibilities to find that best suits you.

Key Features

·         Great value for money
·         Big choice of system types and sizes
·         Long-lasting durability
·         Ease of use

Within our extensive offer you can find three types of system. Those include Ebb & Flood, Flo-Gro, and IWS Flood & Drain. Each system comes in the form of full kit to get you started as soon as possible. Depending on your interests and needs, you can certainly find a perfect flood and drain system for your growing environment.