Gavita Grow Lights

Gavita Grow Lights

We are proud stockist of Gavita Grow Lights. These high quality Grow Lights are designed with the latest technology including high frequency electronic ballasts and plasma lighting. Gavita has the reputation as being the forerunner in plant Lighting.

The Gavita Master Controllers offer superior control and safety and are easy to use. The Gavita Pro line E-Series is designed for professional use, but has recently been adopted so even novice can use them with ease. Gavita products are the most popular plant lighting systems around the world and are being used in greenhouses and grow rooms around the globe. 

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Gavita CT 2000e LED Grow Light 780w New

Gavita CT 2000e LED Grow Light 780w

The first 1:1 replacement for a 1000w lighting fixture! The 780w Gavita CT 2000e LED is a small..


Gavita Grow Lamps

Gavita Grow LampsGavita Pro 600w 400v EL LampGavita Pro 600w 400v EL replacement Bulb Lamp Use with ..


Gavita Master Controller

The Gavita Master controllers (in combination with suitable Gavita e-series fixtures) offer a soluti..


Gavita Pro 1700e LED

Gavita Pro 1700e LEDThe Gavita Pro 1700e LED grow light produces a footprint that's almost perf..


Gavita Pro Line E-Series

The best just got better! The new Gavita Pro line e-series Grow Light are improved models and are su..