Irrigation Products

When performing hydroponics you will require top of the line irrigation products which will stand the test of time and of course water. We carry state of the art pumps like Hailea ACO-9810 silent air pump that pumps over 30 litres per minute. Has a double dampening system and noise absorption with double air flows for powerful high pressure for maximum quantities of air flow. It is waterproof and proven to always bring in fresh clean air. We also stock Charles Austen ET linear diaphragm air pump. It offers silent powerful operation and a flow rate between 30-60 litres per minute. We also stock numerous inline filters, flexi and LDPE pipes, sealing glands, pipe fittings and dripper lines along with a large quantity of drippers. If you need replacement ET Steel Air Pump Manifolds or Hailea Low Level Water Pumps or even air and water rings or air stones, we have many.

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13mm Inline Filter

13mm Inline Filter13mm Inline Filters are used primarily in autopot system kits and dripper systems ..


13mm - 4mm Cross Connector

13mm - 4mm Cross Connector These connectors are perfect for reducing 13mm pipe (16mm outer) dow..


13mm Flexi & LDPE Pipe

13mm Flexible Pipe to fit 13mm connectors and accessories. Flexible pipe is bendy as opposed to stan..


13mm IWS Sealing Gland

13mm IWS sealing gland. Designed to totally seal around the pvc pipe. Allows easy maintenance...


13mm Pipe Fittings

High quality 13mm pipe fittings (16mm outer diameter for Autopot System Kits nutrient feed lines and..


4mm Dripper Line

4mm black irrigation dripper line perfect for diy hydroponic kits and replacement dripper line for t..


4mm Pipe Fittings

4mm Pipe FittingsHigh quality 4mm (6mm outer diameter) pipe fittings for autopot systems kits and dr..


Autopot Air Dome

Autopot Air Dome The Autopot Air Dome is a dome-shaped piece of plastic mesh which houses a cross se..


Autopot Aquavalve 5

Autopot Aquavalve 5The Aquavalve 5 is a simple but very effective watering device but needs to be tr..


Boyu Liquid Water Pumps

Boyu Liquid Water Pumps The BOYU Liquid Water pumps are submersible and suitable for all hydrop..


Charles Austen ET Linear Air Pump

Charles Austen ET Linear Air Pump The Charles Austen ET series linear diaphragm air pumps provi..


ET Steel Air Pump Manifold

Metal steel manifold with individual open/release valves on each of the outlets. An ideal attachment..


Golf Ball Air Stone 50mm

Golf Ball Air Stone 50mmThe Golf Ball Airstone is perfect for aquarium or hydroponic applications. T..


Hailea Adjustable Air Pumps

Hailea Adjustable Air Pumps are a highly developed range of air flow systems designed specifically f..


Hailea High Output Air Pump

Hailea High Output Air Pump Hailea ACO-9810 super silent air pumpHailea ACO-9820 super silent a..


Hailea Manifold

Hailea Outlet Manifold DividerUse this air divider to aerate from 6 to 26 units from 1 supply. Can b..


Hailea Round Air Stone

Hailea Round Air StoneHailea round air stone are excellent for forcing air to your root system or si..


Imperium Plus Dual Feed Controller Timer

Imperium Plus Dual Feed Controller TimerThe Imperium plus dual feed controller timer provides precis..


Imperium Single Outlet Feed Controller Timer

Imperium Single Outlet Feed Controller TimerImperium Single Outlet Feed Controller Timer provid..


Irrigation Drippers

Irrigation Drippers Blue Flood Drippers (40L/H)Flood Stake Dripper (40L/H) are used to automate..


Irrigation Hole Punch

To make holes in feed lines you will get virtually no leaks when making holes in our Flexi Pipe usin..


MaxiJet Water Pump

Manufactured to very high standards the Maxijet range of water pumps offer value for money but also ..


Plantit 8 Inch Dripper Watering Ring

Plantit 8 Inch Dripper Watering Ring The PLANTIT 8 inch Dripper Watering Ring is ideal for..