Fan Speed Controller Units

Fan Speed Controller Units have the ability to slow down or speed up extractor fans and/or intake fans to maintain a set temperature as well as humidity. With units to suit all budgets the variispeed fan controller is a simply plug and play with the ability to dim the fan thats plugged in to it, then theres the rhino rc1 fan speed controller that can control both intake and outtake fan at the same time to maintain the desired temperature and last but not least is the intelligent evolution fan speed controller thats has the to control both intake and outtake fan as well as a heater unit in case the temperature drops below the whats been set on the unit.

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Control Freak 5 amp Plug In Fan Speed Controller with Probe

Control Freak 5 amp Plug In Fan Speed Controller With ProbeThe Control Freak Plug-In is an extr..


Ecotechnics EVO C02 Controller

   The Evolution controller utilizes the latest microprocessor and infra-red technology t..


Ecotechnics EVO C02 Regulator

•  The CO2 Regulator is really simple to set up and use.•  Full 1 year warranty.Carbon Dio..


Ecotechnics Evolution C02 Complete Kit

Features:- Intelligent Multi Stage CO2 dosing- Fan Control- Bottled CO2  or Propane CO2 Generat..


Ecotechnics Fan Speed Controller

2The heater output will control loads up to 3kW making it compatible with most fan heaters and all s..


GAS EC Fan Balancer

GAS EC Fan BalancerThe GAS EC fan balancer gives you the ability to fine tune Systemair EC fans.You ..


GAS EC Fan Controller

GAS EC Fan Controller The GAS digital EC fan controller provides the ultimate control over Syst..


GAS Enviro Controller v2

The Enviro Controller V2 takes care of fan speeds for both AC and EC fans - and not only that, it ca..


GAS Intelligent Humidity Controller for SonicAir Pro

The GAS Intelligent Humidity Controller takes care of the humidity levels in your grow room, fo..


Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat

Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat is a plug and play unit with a po..


RAM Air Pro 2 Fan Speed Controller

RAM Air Pro 2 Fan Speed ControllerThe RAM AIR PRO 2 is an intelligent and silent indoor climate cont..


Variispeed Fan Speed Controller

 cheap and effective way to control the speed of your intake or extract fans.Simply plug your f..