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How To Supercharge Your Garden

How To Supercharge Your GardenThis book on how to supercharge your garden is for anyone looking to i..


Hydroponic Strawberry Production

Hydroponic Strawberry ProductionIn this concise new book Hydroponics Strawberry Production, Growing ..


Hydroponic Tomato Production

Hydroponic Tomato Production looks comprehensively at the range of soilless techniques available and..


Hydroponically Speaking Cloning

Hydroponically Speaking Cloning is divided into 10 sections, these outline the basic rules for suces..


Hydroponics - Soilless Gardening Explained

Plants need nutrients, air, water, and light with a little warmth to survive.Traditionally these hav..


Lighting in Horticulture

Over recent years there has been a leap forward in lighting in horticulture about the beneficial eff..


Nutrient Handbook

The Nutrient Handbook covers all aspects of nutrient solutions, including the differences between di..



The author Allen Cooper is credited with devising the NFT or nutrient film technique and perfecting ..