Growth Promoters & Additives

There are many different hydroponic growth promoters and additives by different manufacturers to offer you the most in choices during home hydroponic gardening. Some of the best in additives and promoters are top brand names like Advanced Nutrients Carboload, Voodoo Juice, BioBizz Bio Heaven and Root Juice to give your plants better nutrient uptakes and proper root growth. 

Other additive and promoter products like VitaLink Buddy and VitaLink Finale will help to promote and enhance larger crops and proper flushing at the end of growth and harvest stages. Give all of your plants in your hydroponic garden the final push throughout their reproductive and blooming stages to give you the best in size, taste and potency for all your crops. Finish off and flush your garden of all nutrients slowly to not shock the plants and create havoc throughout all of the life cycle stages of hydroponic gardening.