Soil Pots & Trays

Soil Pots & Trays

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35cm Plant Pot Stand

The 35cm Pot Stand has been developed to create distance between the substrate mats and pots and the..


47L Resevoir & Lid - 4mm Grommet Fitted

A great way of making sure that your plants have all the water and nutrients at all times.Gravity fe..


AirRap Plant Pots

AirRap Plant PotsThe AirRap plant pots unique design with holes all around gives the AirRap pot the ..


Atami Wilma Square Pots

Atami Wilma Square Plant PotsAtami wilma square plant pots are ideal for optimal plant growth and d..


Autopot 15 Litre Pot Square

Autopot 15 Litre Pot SquareAutopot 15 Litre Square Pot is a replacement or used for expanding a auto..


Autopot XL 25 Litre Pot

Autopot XL 25 Litre Pot Ideal for making the most of your grow-space, these autopot xl 25 litre..


Black Buckets With Lids

Black Buckets with Lids These buckets are the most popular bucket and they are very versatile a..


Flexi Tank Resevoir

Flexi Tank ResevoirThe AutoPot Flexi Tank Resevoir comes in a variety of sizes and revolutionise wat..


Plant Net Pots

A variety of net pots in a range of sizes for propagation to complete plant growing ..


Plantit Flexible Water Tank

Plantit Flexible Water TankThe PLANTiT Flexible Water tank is quick and easy to assemble. This handy..


Root Pouch Fabric Plant Pots

Root Pouch Fabric Plant Pots can be used for any type of size of plant. The larger fabric plant pots..


Root Pruning Plant Pots

Root Pruning Plant PotsRoot-Pruning Pots provide your plants with a great environment for healthy, s..


Round Plant Pot Saucers

Round Plant Pot Saucers A complete size range of Round Plant Pot Saucers to suit our range of R..


Square Flexible Tray

Square Flexible TrayThe Square Flexible Tray collects run-off and protects your floor from water dam..


Square Plant Pot Saucers Trays

Square Plant Pot Saucers TraysSquare plant pot saucers are placed under a square shaped planter indo..