Trimming, Drying & Curing

Your crop is ready and its time to start trimming drying and then curing, we have a tool to help, no matter how big, or small, your grow is. We have trimming scissors for small jobs, through to hand-driven bowl trimmers for medium crops, up to large electrical trimming machines for large amounts of produce. And once you're finished, we have a selection of drying nets to finish the job off. 

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8 Tier Hanging Dry Net

8 Tier Hanging Dry Net The 8 tier hanging dry net features a collapsible mesh that consists of..



Comfort Grip HandleBrushing is an ergonomic motion and puts less stress on users’ hands, wrists, and..


Chikamasa Trimming Scissors (Pruner)

Chikamasa Trimming Scissors (Pruner)The 7-inch Chikamasa T-552 Trimming Scissors are absol..


Curved Edge Pruner Shears Scissors

Curved Edge Pruner Shears Scissors Curved Edge Pruning Shears Scissors feature a curved blade f..


Dry Trim Trimming Bag

Dry Trim Trimming BagDried product is precious, but time is more valuable. When a big harvest arrive..


Grow Gadgets Precision Digital Scales

Grow Gadgets Precision Digital Scales Grow Gadgets Precision Digital Scales covers the grower's..


Grow Tools Bubble Bags 5 Bag Kit

Grow Tools Bubble Bags 5 Bag Kit Grow Tools Bubble Bag 5 Bag Kit removes dust, and any other co..


Integra Boost Curing Packs

Integra Boost Curing PacksThe solution has arrived that will preserve your precious herbs - with hum..


Metal Heat Seal Bags

Metal Heat Seal BagsOur Metal Heat Seal Bags are metallised, light proof and smell proof. Simply app..


Pop Top Vials 19 Dram

Pop Tops Vials are perfect for storing and transporting medication and other small items. Manufactur..


Straight Edge Pruner Shears Scissors

Straight Edge Pruning Shears Scissors are tough, surgical stainless steel blades designed to make cu..


Trim Bin Harvest More

Trim Bin Harvest More Trim Bin Harvest More is easy to carry and simple to clean and will keep ..


Trimzilla 16 Inch Bowl Leaf Trimmer

Trimzilla 16 Inch Bowl Leaf TrimmerSave yourself hours of misery and let the Trimzilla 16 inch bowl ..


Trimzilla 16" Quick Cut Leaf Table Trimmer

Trimzilla 16" Quick Cut Leaf Table Trimmer The Trimzilla 16" Quick Cut Leaf Trimmer that will m..


White Powder Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves Large

White powder free disposable Vinyl Gloves are made to grip, not slip. They are puncture-resistant an..