Trimming, Drying & Curing

Your crop is ready and its time to start trimming drying and then curing, we have a tool to help, no matter how big, or small, your grow is. We have trimming scissors for small jobs, through to hand-driven bowl trimmers for medium crops, up to large electrical trimming machines for large amounts of produce. And once you're finished, we have a selection of drying nets to finish the job off. 

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8 Tier Hanging Dry Net

8 Tier Hanging Dry Net The 8 tier hanging dry net features a collapsible mesh that consists of..


Chikamasa Trimming Scissors (Pruner)

Chikamasa Trimming Scissors (Pruner)The 7-inch Chikamasa T-552 Trimming Scissors are absol..


Pop Top Containers Vials 19 dram

Pop Top Containers VialsThese are the larger size Individual 19 Dram (appx 70ml) Pop Top Squeeze Pot..


Smart Gro Trimming Scissors

Smart Gro Trimming Scissors These Smart Gro 5” Blade Trimming Scissors feature soft grip, sligh..


Trimzilla 16 Inch Bowl Leaf Trimmer

Trimzilla 16 Inch Bowl Leaf TrimmerSave yourself hours of misery and let the Trimzilla 16 inch bowl ..