Grow Light Spares & Accessories

We carry a high quality range of grow light spares and accessories our ballast systems are the basis of any grow room lighting system and the digital systems, whilst more expensive, are a great step forward in terms of light management within the grow room. We carry a wide range of grow lamps that will suit the requirements of both the hobbyist as well as the professional grower. These lamps vary from those emitting light saturated with the red end of the spectrum, such as the sodium based Powerplant Super HPS Grow Lamp, designed to enhance floral growth to the metal halide bulbs that emit blue saturated light to enhance vegetative growth thus inhibiting length and rather create low growing plants. The Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Grow Lamps carry both spectrums of light in one easy to use unit. In addition to the lamps there are a variety of accessories that make the use of these lamps easier. These include timers, relays, hangers and heat shields to protect specific plants or parts of a plant. Our range of reflectors will suit every pocket and are designed to enhance the light from any of the lamps you choose.