House & Garden Additives

House & Garden Additives

House and Garden has been proudly manufacturing the best additives for your garden growth system for decades. With their innovative line of nutritious and healthy additives, your plants will be guaranteed a healthy growth cycle. 

House and Garden Amino Treatment provides abundant growth and boosts photosynthesis. Bud XL extracts sugars from the plant leaves and transfers them to the fruit for a sweeter and richer taste. Multizyme contain a multitude of enzymes and vitamins to help prevent disease. PK 13-14 is used during the last 2 weeks of harvest to stimulate rapid flower and fruit formation by adding a boost of potassium and phosphorus.

House and Garden Roots Excellurator helps prevent diseases from entering the roots while stimulating rapid and healthy growth. Shooting Powder adds a new layer of growth to  your crops just before harvest. Garden Stimulator 1 boosts plant growth in the early stages of development. Top Booster gives your crop a boost of red iron, phosphorous and potassium in the last 4 weeks of harvest to ensure that your crop is both ripe and sweet. Top Shooter can increase your crop by up to 30% by adding new growth near the end of the harvest. It is similar to shooting power but it comes in a gel rather than a powder form. 

Used in conjunction with House and Garden nutrients,  House and Garden Additives will help produce a lush, green crop and greatly increase the overall yield for your harvest. 

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