If you are starting Propagation the germination of seeds and want proper nutrients and minerals for stronger root growth during the most crucial times of a plants life then using specific propagating additives and nutrients will help grow your baby plants into strong healthy wonders. Using the Rockwool cubes, Root Riot Cubes or Jiffy 7 Peat Plugs you get a high quality substrate with proper aeration and water exchange. Seedlings need proper heat, light and protection from the elements so using propagators like Stewart Propagators that will provide this for your young plants to help them grow healthy and strong. VitaLink Plant Start nutrient gives seedlings stronger roots for proper grow. As they grow VitaLink Root Stim enhances the roots and provides super uptake of nutrients and water for overall plant health in the critical vegetation stage. A VitaLink Silicon Max nutrient offers extreme protection to the plant structure by increasing cell wall strength to help ward off diseases, pests and even harsh environmental hazards. Using proper propagation additives and nutrients provided to your germinating seeds gives them the boost through their most critical growth stages. During propagation using specific protective cubes and oxygen and water infused Rockwool cubes could help your seed be more viable.