Propagation Lights

Propagation Lights

Propagation lights are the necessary equipment for almost every indoor growing space. Grow World brings you a range of top ranked products which are optimally designed and tested to provide the highest quality performance. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose between products that feature reflectors, lights or lamps. The Sunmate CFL reflector unifies compact fluorescent lighting with a closed parabolic design for highest benefits. On the other hand, SunBlaster T5 features NanoTech reflector that provides deeper light diffusion with 50% less energy consumption. Products like Lightwave T5 Grow Lights are multipurpose, thus it can be used not only as propagation light but as tent lighting or lighting above fish tanks. All products offer a range of wattage choices to best suit the needs of your growing environment.


·         Easy to position and hang
·         Lower energy consumption and more savings
·         Wide range of wattages available
·         Long lasting durability 

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Sunblaster T5 With NanoTech Reflector

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