Heating and Cooling

Keeping the temperature of your grow room within the correct range will go a long way towards helping to optimise your plant growth. The ideal air temperature range is between 18C - 25C (65F - 77F) with an average temperature over the course of a 24 hour period being between 21C - 23C (70F - 75F). A grow room heater will help your grow going sweetly during the winter months. Temperatures and relative humidity levels together create an effect called Vapour Pressure Deficit (VPD) For perfect grow temperatures and humidity levels (and therefore VPD)

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AirComfort Thermo-Hygrometer

AirComfort Thermo-HygrometerAirComfort will send via bluetooth temperature and humidity levels direc..


Control Freak 5 amp Plug In Fan Speed Controller with Probe

Control Freak 5 amp Plug In Fan Speed Controller With ProbeThe Control Freak Plug-In is an extr..


Digital Min/Max Thermo-Hygrometer

Digital Min/Max Thermo-HygrometerMeasuring and monitoring your grow room temperatures over a 24hr pe..


Ecotechnics Fan Speed Controller

2The heater output will control loads up to 3kW making it compatible with most fan heaters and all s..


G.A.S DiffuseAir

The G.A.S DiffuseAir system creates an optimal environment in your grow area. It does the same job a..


G.A.S SonicAir Humidifier

The G.A.S SonicAir Humidifier will take care of small to medium-sized grow areas, outputting up to 8..


GAS Enviro Controller v2

The Enviro Controller V2 takes care of fan speeds for both AC and EC fans - and not only that, it ca..


Hailea Water Heaters

Also available is a plastic cage to put these heaters in to guarantee they sit at the bottom of your..


Highpro Pro Digital Thermo-Hygrometer

Highpro Pro Digital Thermo-HygrometerHighPro Digital Grow Room Thermometer & Hygrometer-Min/Max-..


Lighthouse 1000w Oil Filled Radiator

Lighthouse 1000w Oil Filled RadiatorPlants are very susceptible to changes in temperature and keepin..


Lighthouse 2500w Oil Free Radiator

Lighthouse 2500w Oil Free RadiatorThe Lighthouse 2500w Oil Free Radiator heats up rapidly and cools ..


Lighthouse 2kw Greenhouse Heater

Lighthouse 2kw Greenhouse HeaterThe Lighthouse 2kw Greenhouse Heater will Keep your greenhouse, grow..


Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat

Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat is a plug and play unit with a po..


Nutrient and Air Thermometer

Grow Room Nutrient and air thermometer temperature measurement is via a thin waterproof probe. The M..


Plastic Thermometer

Plastic ThermometerPlastic Thermometer contains no mercury - so there is no need to worry should it ..


RAM Air Pro 2 Fan Speed Controller

RAM Air Pro 2 Fan Speed ControllerThe RAM AIR PRO 2 is an intelligent and silent indoor climate cont..


RAM Bug Barrier

The Ram Bug Barrier is a circular shield that fits straight onto your air intake system. The shield ..


SonicAir Pro Humidifier

SonicAir Pro HumidifierTake Complete Control of Your Grow Room Humidity with the G.A.S. SonicAir Pro..


Variispeed Fan Speed Controller

 cheap and effective way to control the speed of your intake or extract fans.Simply plug your f..