Heaters & Humidity

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G.A.S DiffuseAir

The G.A.S DiffuseAir system creates an optimal environment in your grow area. It does the same job a..


G.A.S SonicAir Humidifier

The G.A.S SonicAir Humidifier will take care of small to medium-sized grow areas, outputting up to 8..


GAS Intelligent Humidity Controller for SonicAir Pro

The GAS Intelligent Humidity Controller takes care of the humidity levels in your grow room, fo..


Lighthouse 1000w Oil Filled Radiator

Lighthouse 1000w Oil Filled RadiatorPlants are very susceptible to changes in temperature and keepin..


Lighthouse 2500w Oil Free Radiator

Lighthouse 2500w Oil Free RadiatorThe Lighthouse 2500w Oil Free Radiator heats up rapidly and cools ..


Lighthouse 2kw Greenhouse Heater

Lighthouse 2kw Greenhouse HeaterThe Lighthouse 2kw Greenhouse Heater will Keep your greenhouse, grow..


SonicAir Pro Humidifier

SonicAir Pro HumidifierTake Complete Control of Your Grow Room Humidity with the G.A.S. SonicAir Pro..