Grow Room Accessories

These wide ranges of grow room accessories are all designed to assist in the production of top quality produce from your grow-rooms. Products designed to enhance the infrastructure of the grow-room include reflective sheeting such as the Diamond Reflective Sheeting or Mylar Reflective Sheeting, Easy Roll Light Hangers that allow the easy placement of grow lights and trellis and stretch netting, bamboo canes and the highly original Yo-Yo Plant Support Device for additional support for your plants. Also available are a range of products for the management of the environment within the grow room. These include timers for lights, a digital min/max Thermo-Hygrometer, water heaters, dehumidifiers, the simple CO2 Bag that sufficient carbon dioxide for 4-6 plants, and a Varispeed Fan Speed Controller that will manage the speed of fans rated up to 300w. Protection against pests is handled by the Aqua King Compression Sprayer or the Pest Off Trigger Sprayer and keeping the area clean can be accomplished with Essentials Room Clean. Lastly there are items designed for the personal use of the gardener such as the Active Eye 30X Illuminated Magnifier and the 60x-100x Microscope, a mixing and pouring kit, disposable scalpels and trimming scissors.