Canna Organic PH Down 1 Litre

Canna Organic PH Down 1 Litre 

Canna Organic PH Down is a concentrated Citric acid that can be used to reduce the pH of almost any liquid that it is added to. When growing plants in hydroponics or aeroponics, it is necessary to keep the PH of your nutrient solution within a certain range. Citric Acid is a completely natural substance and still allows your beneficial bacteria and fungi to thrive. Different plant species have different requirements but in general most plants like a PH range of 5.5 – 6.5. PH Down is added sparingly to nutrient solution to help keep the acidity within this range.


  • Canna Organic PH Down  reduces the pH of your nutrient solution
  • Highly Concentrated – 50% Natural Citric Acid
  • Citric Acid – allows beneficial microbes to thrive
  • Ideal for the vegetative and flowering stages
  • Corrosive – requires careful handling

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Canna Organic PH Down 1 Litre

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