RadAir Mixed Flow Fan

RadAir is a cost-effective entry-level fan that delivers high air volumes at high air pressure. Ideal for beginners, RadAir mixed flow fans offer a high-power, low noise solution without compromising on air delivery. Great value for money, RadAir fans are a robust, sealed-body unit with built-in mounting brackets designed for easy mounting and cleaning.

RadAir fans offer plug & play functionality. The IEC connections make installation and use simple and hassle-free.

Simple. Economical. Radical.

RadAir Mix Flow Fan Key Features

  • IEC electrical connector for simple installation
  • Removable mounting bracket for easy fan mounting and cleaning
  • Angled impeller blades work with the guide vanes for maximum air flow at high pressure
  • Flange for easy duct installation


RadAir 100 4" - 200m3/h

RadAir 125 5" - 230m3/h

RadAir 150 6" - 500m3/h

RadAir 200 8" - 850m3/h

RadAir 250 10" - 1500m3/h

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RadAir Mixed Flow Fan

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