RAM 7" Clip On Oscilating Fan

RAM 7" Clip On Oscilating Fan 

Keep the air moving in your grow tent and you'll help to ensure that adequate levels of CO2 reach stomata while strengthening branches, disspating heat and reducing the liklihood of encountering issues like powdery mildew. As the name suggests, the 7-Inch RAM Clip-On Fan is the (slightly) bigger brother of our most popular fan. It can be quickly attached to a tent frame or a shelf and doesn’t take up the space of a pedestal fan. Great little product.

  • Keeps the air moving around your tent
  • Quickly and easily clips to a tent-frame, shelf or similar
  • Doesn’t take up floor space like a pedestal fan
  • Well made and reliable
  • Switchable two-speed
  • Only 20 watts power consumption
  • Tilts and rotates to point the air flow where it is needed

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RAM 7" Clip On Oscilating Fan

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