Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Grow Lamps

Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Grow Lamps

This dual spectrum grow lamp is just one of the many amazing products from Sunmaster/Venture Lighting. Similar to the Phillips 600W Son-T plus 95.000 lumen lamps, this revolutionary product not only gives off a red light, it also provides an additional blue spectrum eliminate the need for 2 separate systems. This amazing lighting system is designed to be used continuously through both the vegetative and flowering cycles.

Dual spectrum lights are rapidly becoming the most popular choice among both private and commercial growers as these lighting systems work throughout their growth cycle. There have been nothing but raving reviews from both experienced and new gardeners.

All Sunmaster grow lights are specifically designed for gardening environments and are extremely user-friendly as well as highly economical. Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Grow Lights are tailored to have an output of 90.000 lumens and have a superior active radiation range during all stages of photosynthesis and growth.

Not only are these amazing bulbs extremely affordable, they are also economical. Their superior design will reduce your energy costs and they are environmentally friendly, which is a growing concern in today’s eco-friendly and health-conscious society. With 10% more light than similar products, these high quality lamps will help give your plants a rapid start during the photosynthesis stage and will stimulate healthy and rapid growth and development through the entire vegetative cycle. 

Directions for use:

*Please refer to the following for size and wattage information

250 watt - 33,000 Lumens
400 watt - 55,000 Lumens
600 watt - 90,000 Lumens

Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Grow Lamps are superior but like any lighting product, performance tends to decrease over time. You should replace your lamp systems every 9  to 12 months to maintain a healthy and bountiful harvest.

These grow lamps are completely compatible withyour exist ballasts and light fittings. To install, hold the lamp with a clean cloth, then screw the lamp into the E40 fitting of the  Dual Spectrum HPS lamp reflector till it secure. If it is not screwed in tightly it will not work properly. Make sure that the lamp is free of dirt and debris before turning it on. Note: the map runs very hot so avoid touching the lamp as it will cause burns. Do not allow it to directly touch the plants as this can cause fires. Do not allow any products such as sprays or liquids to come in direct contact with the system. Only use the correct wattage to avoid fire or other damages.

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Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Grow Lamps

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