Grow Lamps

Grow lamps are a vital component in the furnishings of a grow room. Modern technology has brought the grow lamp from a simple light to allow plants to grow to lamps designed to emit a specific spectrum of light to enhance specific phases of growth. Light from the red end of the spectrum will enhance the flowers phase of a plant’s life and light from the blue end of the spectrum will enhance the vegetative end of the plant’s life. Using the correct spectrum of light will ensure that your plants do not expend energy growing upwards, but will rather grow into lower formations with more shoots. Gavita grow lamps come in a range of wattages and are designed to be used in conjunction with the Gavita Lighting System. Grow Lush and the Phillips SON T Plus lamps emit light enhanced toward the red end of the spectrum, Powerplant and the Pro Star CFL Range have two distinct lamps to suit the growing phase of your plants whilst the innovative Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Grow Lamps emits light at the red end of the spectrum whilst additionally enhancing the blue end of the spectrum thus eliminating the need for two systems.

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Gavita Grow Lamps

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Grow lush Grow Lamp

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Powerplant Grow Lamps

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Pro Star CFL Lamps

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Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Grow Lamps

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