Rock Resinator Heavy Yields

Rock Resinator Heavy Yields

Rock Resinator Heavy Yields is a revolutionary flower enhancer that will dramatically increase essential oil production and flower mass when compared to products low in P and K by providing the highest quality soluble phosphorus and potassium for translocation to flowering sites.

Rock Resinator uses an extensive and complex combination of phosphorus and potassium designed to pack on extra size and weight to your harvest. Rock Resinator ensures your favorite plants are given the best opportunity to develop to their fullest natural potential.

Rock Resinator incorporates cutting edge blending technologies to provide a consistent and reliable product, with the results delivered sure to Rock your grow! There are absolutely no chemical Plant Growth Regulators (PGR) incorporated into Rock Resinator so you can rest assured the plants you harvest are free from PGR’s!

Rock Resinator is used and trusted by thousands of plant growers, both professional and hobbyist, around the globe.

  • Suitable for all grow systems and media
  • Stronger and high quality components
  • Long shelf life elements
  • NO PGR’s

How To Use Rock Resinator

Rock Resinator is easy to use and concentrated too! For most applications, just add Rock Resinator beginning the second week of flowering through harvest at a rate of 1mL per Litre of nutrient solution for a mild solution. For a stronger solution, use up to 2mL per Litre. Always shake well before use.

Available in 1 , 5 and 20 litre bottles 

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Rock Resinator Heavy Yields

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