Rock Resinator Heavy Yields

Rock Resinator Heavy Yields is a revolutionary flower enhancer that will dramatically increase essential oil production and flower mass. Rock Resinator provides the highest quality soluble phosphorus and potassium for translocation to flowering sites. Both Potassium and Phosphorus are highly immobile element means they have very limited movement in the soil. Only a small percentage of the soil's total phosphorus and potassium exists in a form available for plant uptake. The remainder is tied up with other elements, organic matter, and the like. 

This is where Rock Resinator came to rescue. As it’s have phosphorus and potassium in liquid form, so it’s readily available to plants and have very low chance of tiding up with other elements. Using an extensive and complex combination of phosphorus and potassium designed to pack on extra size and weight to your harvest Rock Resinator ensures your favourite plants are given the best opportunity to develop to their fullest natural potential.

Role of Potassium and Phosphorus

Both Phosphorus and Potassium plays an important role in the plant development. Phosphorus is critical in root development, crop maturity, and seed production. Phosphorus also linked to a plant’s ability to use and store energy, including the process of photosynthesis. It’s provide help to plants grow and develop normally. Phosphorus is a major component in plant DNA

Potassium helps to strengthen plants’ abilities to resist disease and plays an important role in increasing crop yields and overall quality. Potassium also protects the plant when the weather is cold or dry, strengthening its root system and preventing wilt. Potassium is required for the activation of over eighty enzymes throughout the plant, and it increases water use efficiency and transforms sugars to starch in the grain-filling process.

How Does Rock Resinator work?

Rock Resinator scientifically incorporates other phyto-stimulant compounds such as selected carbohydrates and phyto enzymes to specifically encourage additional flowering sites and oil production .The quality of your yield will reach new heights with its aromatic enhancing proprietary blend of essentials vitamins and minerals for unforgettable yields.

Rock Resinator dramatically increases oil and resin production by feeding potassium and organic acids directly to the flowering sites. Rock Resinator increases flower mass by also delivering readily absorbable and highly im-mobile phosphorous and amino acids which will increase the final weight of any yield by enabling the plant to produce dense heavy flowers for increased final weight.


It contains citric metabolites to accelerate the kerb cycle, boosts essential oil production, speeds up your plant’s metabolism, and also helps to pack extra size onto your final product. There are no chemical Plant Growth Regulators included in this bio stimulant formula at all. Rock Resinator helps increase the resin concentrate up to 47%.

How Rock Resinator Is Made?

Rock Resinator is a blend of highest quality soluble phosphorus, potash, selected vitamins and minerals; naturally occurring amino acids and trace minerals derived from other plants and selected specifically for flower enhancement.

Rock Resinator also contains exclusively derived compounds such as metalloenzymes derived from chelated humate complexes and sequestered carbohydrates as well as naturally brewed decomposed plant materials derived from a selection of soft wooded plants and flowers. These compounds are extracted and isolated and then brewed again to enrich a variety of substances which are impossible to manufacture synthetically.

How To Use Rock Resinator

NO need for additional Potash or organic based products as Rock Resinator has all of that and more!
It should be used at 2 to 4ml per Gallon throughout the entire bloom cycle. Rock Resinator should also be used as the final flush at 20ml per gallon in water with no other products during the last week of flowering for extra potency and even greater aromas.

Usage: 2ml per Litre (First 4 weeks flower)
            4ml per Litre (Last 4 weeks flower)

Key Benefits of Using Rock Resinator

Ø  Can be used with all Growing Mediums.


Ø  Contains high quality phosphorus (P) and potassium (K)

Ø  Powerful flower enhancer NPK: 0-7-8 Suitable for soil, coco & hydro mediums.

Ø  Dramatically increases yield size and weight.

Ø  Made from high-quality soluble phosphorus and potassium

Ø  Can be used with other nutrients

Rock Resinator is trusted and used by thousands of Plant growers and hobbyist around the globe. It is made from Natural ingredients so it doesn’t contain any, synthetic based, plant growth regulators.

Rock Resinator came in liquid form so it’s instantly available to plants. With its unique combination of other amino acids it enhances the plant growth and yield. It is a versatile product and can be used from hydroponics to plain old soil; Rock Resinator is suitable for all grow mediums. The vast majority of top reviews stated that its unique combination of phosphorus and potassium helps ensures that plants are given the best opportunity to develop and pack on extra size and weight.

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Rock Resinator Heavy Yields

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