HADES Pro Flowering Booster

HADES Pro Flowering Booster 

Hades Pro Flower Booster is the latest creation from the PHD Scientist behind the formula used in other synthetic flower boosters.

Hades Pro Flower Booster contains a unique and carefully designed blend of ingredients and unlike its rivals, it will not limit the oil pathways. Hades shortens the internodal distance and increases the size and number of flowering sites along with the resulting fruits! When it comes to increasing yields, you should trust the flower booster endorsed by the gods themselves.

Key points

  • Many growers use synthetic boosters as per method one and two using twice on one plant this increases yield significantly however it is advised that a longer than normal flush period is observed.
  • Synthetic boosters are compatible with all nutrients and additives however it is not advisable to spray foliar sprays in bloom due to the extra dense flowers that develop.
  • Synthetic boosters should not be used at the same time as another synthetic booster.
  • Unlike other additives synthetic boosters are guaranteed to increase yield both amateur and professional growers alike.
  • Do not take cuttings from plants after adding synthetic boosters.
  • Synthetic boosters are designed for ornamental plants only!

Recommended Usage:

1ml - 5ml per litre of water in week two or three of the flowering phase.
Synthetic boosters are used to enhanced flowering in increase in overall flowering weight.

Example Methods of Usage:

Method One
Use in one week or two of flowering:

The majority of growers use synthetic boosters after approximately 5-10 days and continue to use for 3-7 days. This will stop plants stretching and allow them to concentrate on producing flowering sites.
By waiting 5 days into the bloom stage, it gives plants time for the growth nodes to stretch slightly allowing for better progress in the flowering stage. It is important to note that because the plants form very dense flowers when using Hades Pro Flower Booster, so remember to keep the humidity levels below 50% to avoid mould.
​Foliar sprays should not be used after the third week of the flowering phase.

Method Two

Using a synthetic booster as a flower hardener in week four or five of the following cycle (week 4 for a 6 week flowering cycle and week 5 for a 8 week flowering cycle).
Synthetic boosters are an extremely good flower hardener helping flowers to harden off quickly while still producing a large increase in overall weight. When using Hades as per method two, plants will produce better quality fruits as Hades allows the plants to progress naturally with node elongation, compared to method one which has a result of higher

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HADES Pro Flowering Booster

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