Growth Technology PH Probe Cleaner

Growth Technology PH Probe Cleaner

Growth Technology PH Probe Cleaner is a cleaning solution containing dilute hydrochloric acid. By standing your pH meter probes in probe cleaner overnight, the solution will remove debris, dirt and salt that builds up during normal use of your pH meter. Keeping your pH meter probes clean is essential for accurate readings and maintaining the lifespan of you pH probes.

Keeping your PH meter probes clean is essential to make sure that you get accurate readings and to maintain the lifespan of your meter.

  • Use Growth Technology's PH probe cleaner regularly
  • Growth Technology – Professional quality products for professional results
  • Cleans dirt, debris and salt off your pH meter probes
  • Helps to ensure accurate readings
  • Maintains pH probe lifespan
  • Easy to use – simply soak electrodes overnight
  • Can be used with virtually any brand of pH meter

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Growth Technology PH Probe Cleaner

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