Rhino Pro Extraction Kits (Acoustic Ducting)

Rhino Pro Extraction Kits With Acoustic Ducting 

The Rhino Pro Extraction Kit with acoustic ducting will drastically reduce noise produce from the extractor fan with long lasting, high quality carbon filter. High powered super silent Systemair Sileo RVK Fans that are made to stand the test of time and fast clamp for making easy work of attaching the carbon filter to the extractor fan.

Systemair RVK Sileo Fan 

  • Super silent and has the capacity to move great volumes of air in greenhouses and grow rooms
  • The external rotor motors and backward curved blades mean a great look and a safe construction
  • No matter the shape of your greenhouse or grow room you can attach this Systemair RVK fan horizontally or vertically on a wall or ceiling
  • The fibreglass reinforced plastic casing means you have a sturdy and strong envelope for this fan
  • If you are worried about the temperature your plants will be growing at, attach a Rhino fan Speed controller to your Systemair RVK fan and be confident from word go
  • The carbon filters are built to relieve terrible scents in the air, dispel them and ensure the good air is brought in

Rhino Pro Carbon Filters

Australian-mined RC412 carbon is what makes up the Rhino Pro Carbon Filter and is seen as the best in the world.  In the base of the vortex cone, you will find a good density of carbon, but this filter is lightweight and smaller to handle, no matter whether you are a novice or expert grower.

The Rhino Pro filters have a lifespan of 9 to 18 months and if you want to prolong their life to close to 2 years, purchase replacement carbon sleeves as well.

Ducting and Clamps

The Rhino Pro Kits come standard with Rhino acoustic ducting that drastically reduces noise and 2 authentic Rhino clamps, so you don’t have to worry about receiving inferior accessories plus a fast clamp for easily attaching you filter to the fan.

Whats Included

Systemair RVK Sileo Fan
13 amp 3 Pin Plug with 5 metre Cable 
Rhino Pro Carbon Filter
5 Metre Rhino Aluminium Ducting 
2 x Rhino Ducting Clips
1 x Fast Clamp 

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Rhino Pro Extraction Kits (Acoustic Ducting)

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