Rhino Combi Ducting

Combi Ducting 

Combi ducting is generally used to carry air from your extractor fan/filter to an outlet nearby. It can also be used to carry fresh air into your grow-space from an inlet. It can easily be shaped around corners and will concertina down to a very short length if needed.

With both an internal aluminium sheath and a layer of plastic around the outside, combi ducting is much more resistant to tearing than standard aluminium flexi ducting, as well as being fully lightproof.

  • Choice of Diameter Size to fit any Extraction System
  • Dual-layered construction – aluminium sheath with PVC outer
  • Greater resistance to tearing than standard aluminium ducting
  • Reduced noise levels compared with single layered ducting
  • Reinforced by a spiral wound wire to maintain its cross-sectional area
  • Prevents light leaks
  • Economical and easy to use
  • 10 Metre Length

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Combi Ducting

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