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Shogun Samurai Coco A&B

SHOGUN Samurai Coco A&B nutrient is literally light years ahead of all others. With high grade nutrient ingredients mixed perfectly to maxmise coco performance, SHOGUN Samurai Coco also includes the revolutionary SmartZen Yield Maximiser and AquaZen Slow Water ingredients – two developments that are simply without equal in all other coco nutrients.

SmartZen is a blend of sterols, lignans, tannin, lipids and hydrocarbons. Together, they give a huge increase in photosynthesis and lower any heat stress. These ingredients are not found in any other base nutrient, yet they have been shown to increase yields by 6-8%. SmartZen also helps plants cope when temperatures go out of the ordinary too.

Shogun Samurai coco nutrient also contains AquaZen  a special ingredient that ensures that the coco fibre in your pots is wetted evenly and thoroughly to the optimum level for the very best root development. In some cases, your feed water can flow straight through the coco fibre in your pot without wetting it properly, this is called false drain. AquaZen improves the penetration and wetting ability of the feed water.

Key Features:

  • Balanced high grade nutrition to support all stages of growth
  • Contains the revolutionary SmartZen Yield Maximiser ingredient proven to increase yields by up to 8% above standard NPK formulas
  • SmartZen maximises nutrient uptake and transport for superior plant performance
  • Contains the AquaZen Slow Water ingredient for superior media wetting capability
  • AquaZen leads to enhanced root development, less waste and higher nutrient uptake potential


Root Feed – Add at a rate of 2-4ml/L of Part A and the same of part B to your nutrient reservoir or watering can (EC – 1.0-2.5).

Coir requires approximate 20-40 % DRAIN each day to keep the nutrients around the roots within acceptable concentrations.

The drain conductivity should be between 0-15% higher than the input solution conductivity.

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Shogun Samurai Coco A&B

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