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Shogun Silicon is an additive that can be used from the moment your cuttings or seedlings develop roots, right up to the final flowering stages (just before flushing). It works by strengthening the walls of plant cells, which in turn produces thicker stems and stronger branches that can support more weight.

Shogun Silicon also increases the production of chlorophyll, which optimises the use of co2 in the surrounding atmosphere, accelerating the process of photosynthesis. This leads to greener leaves and an all-round improvement in plant vigour. Happier, stronger plants produce bigger and better fruits, so you can also expect to see an improvement in the quantity and quality of your harvest. The structure-enhancing properties of this product also work against pests and diseases – insects find it much harder to penetrate leaf matter and plants develop a resilience to ongoing threats from pathogenic bacteria and fungi, aswell as negative changes in the environment. Shogun Silicon delivers exceptional results in all types of media, whether it’s hydroponic, aeroponic, coco or soil based.

Key Features:

  • Contains concentrated and highly refined potassium silicate
  • Increases plants ability to deal with heat and stress
  • Increases plant resistance to disease and pest invasion
  • Unbeatable industry dilution rate for a silicon product
  • Enhances nutrient uptake and CO2 absorption rates
  • Promotes thicker stems, stronger branches and bigger yields


Root Feed – Add plain water to your nutrient reservoir or watering can. Then add Silicon at a rate of 1mL/L to your nutrient reservoir or watering can. Before adding the nutrient, reduce the pH to just below 7 and then add your additives and nutrients. Repeat method for tank change/refill. Use throughout the life of the crop.

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Shogun Silicon

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