New Small Cuttings And Seeds Propagation Kit

Small Cuttings And Seeds Propagation Kit 

Our small propagation kit comes complete with everything needed to start up to 24 cuttings or seeds to ensure your plants get the best possible start to life. the kits are provided with top of the range products such as a stewart medium propagator, 30cm sunblaster T5, 24 tray root riot, clonex rooting gel, vitalink plant start and a scalpel.

Stewart Small Propagator

Stewart  propagators will simplify raising your own plants and give you a small, nursery for your seedlings that will sit comfortably on an indoor table. The seedlings will grow in a light, temperature and heat controlled environment that will optimise their growing conditions. 

A portable propagator is the gardener’s best friend and gives seedlings and cuttings the best possible start to life.  Once established the little plants can be moved to larger pots or into the garden.  

Dimensions: 38 x 25 x 20cm,

30cm SunBlaster T5 Light With Nanotech Reflector 

The SunBlaster T5, with its NanoTech reflector diffuses light deeper into the plant foliage and uses 50% less energy than standard fluorescent lamps. So little heat is produced that the lights can be placed 1" to 2" above the plant canopy which maximizes photosynthetic response

What Is Nanotechnology?

NanoTechnology is a manufacturing process of extreme precision measured on the nanoscale.

The SunBlaster reflector was made by working within tolerances of between one and 100 nanometers. A single sheet of paper is 100,000 nanometers thick!

NanoTech reflector explained 

The NanoTech metallic crystal in the reflector absorbs, reflects, corrects and shatters the light which then exits the reflector as diffused light. This diffused light has a wider spread and penetrates deeper into the plant foliage. The NanoTech crystal layer is enhanced with 2 layers of optical grade reflective film and a protective external layer.

Root Riot 24 tray Propagation Cubes

Made from organic, composted materials, Root Riot Propagation Cubes retain the ideal water/air ratio for rapid and healthy growth. This revolutionary product is suitable for both seeds and cuttings. As they are infused with biologically active ingredients and micro-nutrients they are able to aid in root development while providing proper nutrients to your growing plants.

Riot Root Cubes are composed of sphagnum peat moss which has been delicately and finely milled, to provide a superior starting environment for cuttings, seed and even acid-thriving plant clones. This design allows more excellent air movement, ease of root penetration and outstanding water-retaining ability even after your plants have been transferred to other growing environments. Root Riot Cubes will easily fit into 50 compartment trades that come as part of the system. You will soon discover that the Root Riot system allows for the optimal environment for both root initiation and development.

Benefits of Root Riot:

  • Provides for rapid and vigorous rooting
  • Dust free
  • Easy to use
  • Proven reliable results
  • 100% biodegradable

Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel 

As the absolute unlimited rooting hormone used worldwide in both private and commercial gardens, Clonex has been one of the most renowned compounds used since 1989. This persistent gel will remain constantly around the plant stem to seal and supply the necessary hormones for maximum root development as well as the beneficial nutrients needed to protect new tissue growth.

As an excellent of vitamins, hormones and nutrients, Clonex can be used with all growth environments. Clonex prevents infection and disease with its highly effective seal. As it is a gel form, it will not wash off as would products that are powder or liquid-based. This amazing product contains the complete trace elements and nutrients that are essential for nursing both the roots and plants during the growth process.

Clonex encompasses 3000 parts per million of the rooting hormone needed for optimal growth and development. With this full-strength rotting compound, your roots will experience an explosive and healthy rate of development.

Directions for use:

Clonex Rooting Gel is designed to be used on any variety of plant cuttings, including but not limited to: herbs, vegetables, fruit, and all woody and/or flowering plants.

Simply dip your cutting to the appropriate depth then insert into your rotting medium. Make sure to properly mist your cuttings before placing them in a clean and humid environment. You should see new growth in as little as one to two weeks. You should harden off your plants as the new roots appear. If covered with a humidity-covering or dome, you should move it slightly to allow in a minimal amount of air, increasing the opening every day until you are able to completely remove the covering.

Vitalink Plant Start 250ml

VitaLink Plant Start is formulated to significantly enhance growth and root development of cuttings and seedlings during the first crucial stages of growth and contains all of the vital macro nutrients and micro nutrients needed in the early stages of development. This seedling feed contains a specific ratio of boron and calcium combined with vitamin B1 and a supply of humates to accelerate initial growth and encourage faster, healthier rooting times. Using VitaLink Plant Start not only provides the basis for healthy development in the early stages but also helps prevent infection and disease in the following stages of the plant life cycle.Vitamin B1 also helps to ease the stress that can be undergone during the propagation stage by providing young plants with optimum nutrition and vitamin uptake which can develop resistance to common plant diseases and ensure the best possible start for cuttings and seedlings.


  • Encourages maximum nutrient uptake
  • Promotes faster rooting and development
  • Develops resistance to infection and disease
  • Provides optimum nutrition for overall healthy growth
  • Reduces stress in the propagation stages
  • Gentle formula to avoid over feeding 

Whats Included:

1 x Stewart small propagator 38 x 25 x 20cm

1 x Sunblaster T5 propagation light 30cm

1 x Root riot 24 tray propagtion cubes 

1 x clonex rooting gel 

1 x plant start 250ml 

1 x scalpel  

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Small Cuttings And Seeds Propagation Kit

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