Shogun Geisha Foliar

Shogun Geisha Foliar

Shogun Geisha Foliar is an awesomely effective plant spray containing a mixture of exclusive ingedients that not only boosts a plant's metabolism, but also triggers the development of more flowering sites when the plant is in the early stages of budding. When used later in flowering, Geisha Foliar enhances the plant's whole fruiting response, leading to larger crops and increased quality. Use with Shogun's brilliant Sumo Boost for an even greater effect!

  • Shogun – UK nutrient company creating world-beating nutrients with world-beating price tags
  • Developed by a leading biochemist
  • Geisha Foliar is supplied ready-to-use in it's own spray bottle
  • Enhances the plant's metabolism
  • Creates more flowering sites
  • Increases fruit and flower growth
  • Enlarges final crop size
  • Improves quality
  • Use with Shogun's Sumo Boost for an even greater effect

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Shogun Geisha Foliar

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