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Large Cuttings And Seeds Propagation Kit 

The large propagation kit is equipped with everything required to start up to 77 seeds or cuttings to make sure plants have an opportune start at life. The kit consists of high-quality products that can be effective in private and commercial use.

  • The large kit is created to include all the necessary tools to ensure that the needs of the grower are met and often exceeded by delivering phenomenal result. The following convenience features should be considered.
  • Extremely comprehensive and includes high-quality equipment.
  • Comfort in knowing that this kit contains all the necessary products to help plant life begin
  • Products work together to deliver effective results
  • Products are designed for ease of use and are long-lasting


Large Propagation kits includes the following:

  • Rootit Large Propagator
  • 60cm SunBlaster T5
  • 77 Rockwool Tray
  • Clonex Rooting Gel
  • Vitalink Plank Start
  • Scalpel

Performance of the Large Cuttings and Seeds Propagation Kit

The process of producing healthy plant roots requires patience and a proper approach. The ability to follow simple rules and utilization of quality equipment can simplify and improve the outcome of the results. Items included in the Large Cuttings and Seeds Propagation Kit are simple in design but complex in delivery.

Rootit Large Propagator

The Rootit Propagator assists with the creation and development of the flawless environment that is essential to the delicate initial phases of plant life. Propagators are essential tools utilized in the stabilization of temperatures and elevated levels of humidity.

There is a little difference in the lid of this propagator when compared with others. It sits a little higher than most others on the market. This slight difference permits growers to root out taller cuttings, or allow the seedlings to remain inside a bit longer than they usually remain. This can be done without concern that they will become too large before transferring them. The lid is equipped with dual air vents. The base fits 1 x (SBS 77, SBS 150) or 2 x (SBS 24). Channels exist throughout to prevent young plants and seedlings from settling in water.

60 cm SunBlaster T5 Light with Nanotech Reflector

Lighting is an essential element for plant growth. The 60 cm SunBlaster T5 is equipped with a Nano Tech reflector. This attachment distributes light deep into the foliage of the plant. It utilizes up to 50% less energy that an average florescent lighting system. Heat production is so low that the Nano Tech can be positioned as close as one to two inches over the canopy of the plant for maximized photosynthetic response.

Nano Technology

Nano Technology is best described as a developmental process of extreme precision measured on the nanoscale. The SunBlaster Nano Tech reflector was designed with a process that works within leniencies ranging from one to one-hundred nanometres. To provide a relatable example, one sheet of paper measures a thickness of 100,000 nanometres.

A Breakdown of Nano Tech Reflector

Prior to exiting the reflector in the form of diffused light, light is absorbed, reflected, corrected and shattered by the Nano Tech metallic crystal inside the reflector. The light in its diffused state covers a wider margin and infiltrates deeper into the foliage of the plant. The crystal coating of the Nano Tech is enriched with dual layers of optical grade reflective film and a protective outer layer.

77 Tray Rockwool Propagation Cubes

Grodan SBS Rockwool Cubes are perfect for hydroponics and ideal for soil propagation. They offer rapid and reliable rooting from cutting or seed. SBS cubes are available in a tray. This simplifies the propagation process for the grower of a large bulk of plants. The establishment of a quality root system in SBS cubes permits transplantation into three-inch or four-inch blocks to proceed with a flowering or vegetative phase in soil, coco or a hydroponic system.

Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel

Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel is utilized across the world in private and commercial gardens. Clonex is a superior quality product that has been used all over since 1989. The high-quality gel places a strong and reliable seal around the stem of the plant. It works to provide essential hormones that are needed for prime root development. The gel also provides some of the necessary nutrients that protect the growth of new tissue.

Clonex Rooting Gel can be used on a variety of cuttings such as herbs, fruit, vegetables, flowering plants, woody plants, and many more. It serves as a great source of hormones, nutrients and vitamins that plants require.

How to Use Clonex Rooting Gel:

  • Dip cutting to applicable depth and insert rotting medium
  • Mist cuttings prior to putting them in a sterile but humid environment
  • New growth should appear within one or two weeks
  • Harden off flowers or plants as new roots are stimulated
  • Move slightly if a come covering is used. This allows a little air to enter.
  • Continue to reposition daily until covering is removed completely

Vitalink Plant Start 250ml

Vitalink Plant Start is designed to greatly improve the root development of cuttings and seedlings throughout the initial stages of growth. It consists of the vigorous macro and micro nutrients that are necessary in the initial developmental stages. This feed consists of a specialized proportion of boron and calcium mixed with B1 vitamins and hamates to expedite growth and motivate more rapid and healthier rooting times.

The use of Vitalink Plant Start presents a foundation for healthy development during the initial stages and also aides in the prevention of infection and disease in upcoming stages of the life cycle of plants. Stress is reduced because of the B1 vitamin. The vitamin also helps to gain the nutrition necessary to help them resist common diseases that occur in plants. This permits them to have a healthy start at life as cuttings and seedlings.

Vitalink Plant Start Benefits

  • Motivates optimized uptake of nutrients
  • Promotes rapid rooting and development
  • Establishes strong resistance to infection and disease
  • Delivers optimal nutrition for a vigorous and healthy growth cycle
  • Decreases stress during the propagation cycles
  • Delicate formula to prevent the possibility of feeding too much

The large cuttings and seeds propagation kit permits plants to have a great start at life and present as a healthy and hearty adult plant.


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Large Cuttings And Seeds Propagation Kits

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