Cannacure Pest Control

Cannacure is a product that has it all. Environmentally friendly, this product eliminates pests and mildew, while stimulating growth and blooming. Mildew, whitefly, aphids, spider mites, mealy bugs. The world is full of diseases, pests and parasites that are looking for an opportunity to infest your plants and ruin your crop. Of course, you want to protect your plants in the best way possible. But how? Harsh chemical pesticides may get the job done, but they pollute the environment and poison your flowers and fruits. But on the whole the more traditional disease and pest control methods just don’t work well enough.


  • Creates a natural, breathable second “skin” on your plants
  • Prevents / controls pests and mildew – even spidermites, white-fly and mealy bug!
  • Stimulates growth as a leaf nutrient
  • Keeps your plants healthy, shiny and clean
  • Healthy plants produce bigger yields of higher quality
  • Ready to use, and comes in a convenient spray-gun!
  • Comes in two sizes: 750ml spray bottle and 1 litre concentrate
  • 1 litre concentrate makes 3 litres of spray

How To Use Cannacure:

It is very important that CANNACURE is applied thoroughly on both sides of the leaves. Use CANNACURE once a week as a preventive measure, to make sure that plant pests cannot attack the leaves. If you have a heavy infestation of mildew, whitefly, spider mites or mealy bugs, for example, spray every three days and repeat, if necessary, after a further three days. Then continue spraying weekly as normal.

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