Maxibright Daylight Horizon Connect 315w CDM Grow Light Kit

The Maxibright Daylight Horizon Connect 315W CDM Grow Light Kit can used as a supplementary light between HPS lamps and will give you incredible fruits that have to be seen to be believed! This kit contains the perfect solution for getting the most out of plants, giving you fantastic yields, smells and flavors at the same time as saving you money on energy. The Maxibright Daylight Horizon Connect allows you to "Connect" the Daylight 315w ballast directly to the Horizon wide angled reflector in one small but perfectly formed package.

The great efficiency of Philips CDM lamps gives results that can beat a 400w HPS and even some of the lower quality 600w grow lights out there, but they only use 315 Watts! You have the choice of the Philips GreenPower 930 Elite Agro CDM Lamp or the Philips MasterColour 942 Daylight CDM Lamp. The 930 Elite Agro Lamp offers a broad spectrum with extra red light and the 942 Daylight Lamp offers slightly more in the green, either will give you strong healthy plants but are geared towards flower and veg respectively.

  • Can be used as a standalone unit or as a supplemental lighting source
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Save on your electricity bills and produce the same yields
  • CDM - Gives full spectrum light that plants love, like having sunshine indoors!
  • Uniform wide angle reflector spreads light evenly for areas up to 1.2 x 2.4 metres
  • Less heat output than equivalent HPS lights
  • Horizon Connect Reflector dissipates heat outwards away from your canopy
  • Gives off 1.9 umols PPF per watt - amazingly efficient!

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Maxibright Daylight Horizon Connect 315w CDM Grow Light Kit

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