House and Garden Bud XL

House and Garden Bud XL 

House and Gardens unique product Bud XL has the capability to extract sugars from the plant leaves and transfer them directly to the fruit thus making it taste sweeter. Bud XL also works to increase the size of the fruit which provides for a robust and sturdy crop. The enzymes in Bud XL work to transport and distribute sugars to the fruit to increase size, taste and texture.
With its balanced blend of enzymes, Bud XL is the perfect compliment with other House and Garden feeding products. Commercial and private farmers alike rave about this innovative growth booster.

Directions for use: Prepare your container as per usual and add your base nutrients. Then adjust the EC levels before adding Bud XL. Make sure to adjust the pH levels. Never mix the nutrients in their concentrated form. You can continue to add Bud XL as soon as you notice growth and continue to use it throughout the growth process. Please adhere to the specific direction pertaining to your particular form of vegetation during the growth process. 

House & Garden Bud-XL recommended dosage: 1ml/Litre from week 6 untill flush 

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House And Garden Bud XL

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