Xtreme Gardening Azos - Beneficial Microbes

Azos is a ground-breaking bacterial supplement that, alongside Mykos, has been responsible for smashing no less than seven world records, including a 2000lb pumpkin grown in 2012. Beneficial bacteria work by converting nitrogen from the surrounding atmosphere into a form that's easily absorbed by roots, making it particularly useful during the vegetative growth stage when nitrogen plays a key role in the growth of new leaves and branches. We strongly recommend using 
Ecothrive Neutralise with this product to avoid the chlorine/chloramine in tap water from inhibiting, or even killing, the beneficial microbes.

How Azos Works

Xtreme Gardening's pedigree is unsurpassed, with a range of products that have been instrumental in smashing no less than seven world records. The crowning glory was an inspirational 2000lb pumpkin that staggered audiences back in 2012 with its monumental proportions. For many years, the secrets to growing such awe-inspiring crops were closely guarded. Luckily, the team at Xtreme Gardening have decided to share their wisdom with the general public in an attempt to raise the bar for horticultural standards worldwide.

Azos utilises a particular strain of bacteria called Azospirillum brasilense which, in nature, assists with the nitrogen cycle – the process by which nitrogen changes between its different chemical forms. This bacterial strain takes nitrogen from the surrounding atmosphere and converts it into a form that's easily absorbed by plant roots. Nitrogen is a crucial macronutrient that's required in larger proportions during the vegetative growth stages. Azos offers a way to boost nitrogen levels and improve growth rates using purely organic methods and without the need for chemical fertilisers. Azos can also be used in hydropoinc culture, even at high EC levels, making it perfect for any growing style.

How to Use Azos

Azos is used to clone plants and to promote healthy, robust growth during the vegetative stages. Do not use it during the bloom phase.

Add 4 tablespoons (65 ml) of Azos to a US gallon of water (3.8 litres) to create a mixture that you can use to soak your rooting plugs before cloning. Xtreme Gardening recommend creating small quantity of a more concentrated mix (1 part Azos to 2 parts water) that can be used to dip cuttings into before they go into their rooting cubes.

Add 8 tablespoons (125ml) for every US gallon of water (3.8 litres) to create a root drench for established plants in veg only.

When transplanting to new containers, dust roots with 5-10ml of Azos before re-potting.

Azos can be used in a hydroponic system by simply adding to your reservoir at a rate of 250ml per 200 litres of nutrient solution.

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Xtreme Gardening Azos - Beneficial Microbes

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